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Blue Ribbon Schools Program | Achievement Gap | Education Speaker

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Has your school received the Blue Ribbon award that is awarded by the U.S. Government?

Blue Ribbon Schools ProgramIf so, now is the time to celebrate. As you may know, the Blue Ribbon award is given to the elite schools across the country and is considered to be the highest honor that a school in America can achieve.

For this reason, there is a lot of criteria that a school must abide by in order to get recognized. Basically a school does a self assessment and then it creates a strategic plan to improve. This takes the school administration and the community working together to fill the educational achievement gap that was exposed in the self-evaluation.

Schools are to keep the U.S. Department of Education updated on its progress all through the application process. At the end after a review panel makes their recommendations, the U.S. Secretary of Education announces the schools selected to attain the blue ribbon award.

Schools who have won the award consistently every five years are considered the best in the nation. Schools that hold this award have changed the communities in which they reside. Even the housing market around the awarded institution increases with many families wanting their children to attend a blue ribbon school.

Since this award comes every five years, why not celebrate by having a pep rally or by hiring an educated youth motivational speaker to come in and get your school excited about reducing the achievement gap. Maybe you have applied and need that little extra push to get all your students on board so they exactly what’s at stake. Some students need a little motivation to keep them on track.

If your school has entered the blue ribbon program and would like to partner with us in hosting school assemblies, please get in contact with us for more information on our education speaker services.

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