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Educate Yourself Today

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The message that I tell young people is very clear, educate yourself today so you can be prepared for tomorrow. The concept correlates with anything in life, if you prepare yourself for life, you will succeed in life.

I never used to think about education nor why it was important. Yes, many tried to get the message across to me that education would play a role in my life but I didn’t understand until I went to college. In fact I have to keep reminding myself how important Hispanic education is and how much of an impact having a college degree has had in my life.

I often hear people relay mixed messages to young students. Some will say that having a degree is just having a piece of paper on the wall and that it doesn’t play a role in person’s life. I would argue that a degree is more than a piece of paper it’s a way of life.

People choose to be educated. For some education becomes a way of life, a no turning back defining moment if you will in a persons life when they cross over and never return to a way of life that was holding them back from their true potential.

So if you are reading this, what are you waiting for, educate yourself today and reap the harvest that is ready for you to reap, but you must sow yourself in education.