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Educational Funding Grants | Title VI | School District Budget

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Are you a dedicated and resourceful teacher trying to find some much needed money to bring new innovative ideas and programs for your classroom? Do you feel if you only had more funds you could really make a huge difference in the education of your students and maybe touch them at a deeper and more level? Do you have ideas that you know can make an impact on your students?

Thankfully you found this site, because we are here to help guide you in changing the lives of your students. In fact, that is what we are dedicated to, changing lives and making an impact.

There are many resources to help you financially accomplish your goals. Some are easier to obtain than others, so lets start with the easiest way. The very first thing you should do is contact your school administration and see if they received educational funding grants.

Many teachers turn to their local Associated Student Body fund to get the money that they need, but that can sometimes dry up too quickly leaving many teachers desperate without much needed resources. So where can you realistically turn after that to get the help you need?

You would be surprised how often this grant gets overlooked. Did you know that every September the federal government gives money to school districts in the form of Title VI funding and you can get some of it for your own unique teacher in-service programs to help you in the classroom?

Don’t worry it isn’t too difficult to get either. In order to apply, you simply need to write up a small proposal of what you will do with the grant money and submit it to your district office before the deadline. (Most district deadlines are in August.)

As long as you meet the requirements for the district funding you will be able to use that money to help inspire and educate your students in the best way possible.

If you are unsure about how to write up your grant proposal, many school districts offer classes or workshops to help you in the process. Many teachers have expressed that Title VI grants were a lot less difficult and significantly less competitive to obtain than they thought it would be.

You have great ideas and you have a vision for your students. Don’t let finances keep you from turning it into a reality. If you are in need of some additional ideas for projects to add to your grant proposal, consider bringing Fabian Ramirez into your classroom and allowing him to connect with your students. He also speaks at school assemblies across the nation. Check to see if your school has received educational grants and if so, use that funding to have an assembly.