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Elementary School Assembly Speaker

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Elementary School Assembly Speaker

Elementary School Assembly Speaker

Lately I have had the opportunity to speak at elementary schools. It’s an honor for me to speak to students no matter what their age. Elementary students have so much energy that it bounces off of me when I speak. When i’m on stage I like to interact with the audience so I usually pull several volunteers. I usually ask the principal or teacher about certain students have have trouble acting good. I don’t embarass anybody I just play off of their energy and hopefully talk some sense into their lives.

Props are a big piece of my speeches. As an elementary school assembly speaker, I love to use pictures, videos and anything that I can take to interact with the audience. Elementary age students love to see anything out of the ordinary, they just want to have fun and learn in the process. Lately I have been using an electric grill and beef fajitas during my speech. I use the grill to represent many things such as tests that students take. I understand that students are afraid to take tests so I try to calm their nerves by telling them that they will do good on tests as along as they are seasoned students. That’s where the beef fajitas come into play since fajitas are usually seasoned.

If students are seasoned they will do well when they are grilled on a test. If they are not, then they will not want to be on the grill, or want to take a test. They will be unprepared and more than likely not do good. It’s amazing to me how many students understand the analogy of being a seasoned student. The last assembly that I spoke at, the kids were wanting my autograph as if I was some kind of celebrity. But as I was thinking, i’d rather they get an autograph from somebody they can relate to than somebody that will probably never speak directly to them.

I can’t wait for the next elementary school assembly, i’m becoming a seasoned speaker, i’m ready to go.