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Hispanic Abstinence Speaker

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youth abstinence speaker

youth abstinence speaker

Not many Hispanic men can get in front of an audience and say that they waited until marriage to have intimate relations with his partner. This is why my testimony is a jewel to today’s society and the message needs to get across to young Hispanics that it can be done and the results are worth the sacrifice. I’m living proof that dreams come true to those who wait and want to fulfill their passions.

There is a perception that Hispanics have a lot of kids. It’s important to have a hispanic abstinence speaker share his testimony on how he was able to remain a virgin until the day of his Wedding night. It all started with a promise ring.

Creating a family is something I want to do but I plan on doing it the right way so that I can have the resources to provide for the baby that I bring to this world. My future kids will never have to worry about where their next meal will come from because their parents decided when they were teenagers that they would wait until marriage for each other and they did and now they can live a life full of joy because of their decisions.

Let me come and share my experience with your Hispanic teenagers and let them walk away motivated to continue their education and keep school a priority. I am the result of making wise choices during my teenage and early adult years. I sit on a Master’s degree, i’m debt free, and my marriage is stronger than ever before.

Join me!