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Hispanic College Expenses

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When it comes to college or any higher education programs, Hispanics are all on board. That is until you reveal to them how much it is going to costs. See Hispanics do not fear having to get up and go to school for a certain amount of years. We are hard working individuals and will spend a lifetime day laboring if we had to. But when it comes to having to pay college expenses to attend colleges and universities, hispanics are discouraged due to financial woes.

This is why so many Hispanics start off at the junior college level because it’s affordable and the classes can be scheduled around work hours. Of course most junior colleges only let you get most basic courses out of the way until one receives an associate’s degree. But it’s that next leap that is hard to take for many. Transferring to a University where you are no longer close to home or maybe having to move away from home. On top of being away from home, tuition fees increase tremendously from the junior college level. So the amount of financial pressure builds up until it’s too much to handle leaving Hispanics with a couple choices:  take out a ridiculous amount of money on school loans and finish or move back home and work a full time job.

All of this could have been prevented if parents would have saved money for their children to attend college. But paying to attend school becomes news to them when they are graduating because their whole lives the children were able to attend public school for free or on behalf of taxpayers and now that they want to continue they, there is a cost. This is why it’s important to educate parents on why they should save money for their children as early as elementary.  There is a myth that because students are Hispanic that money is going to be thrown at them as they continue their education and this is not true. Yes, there are scholarships available for students of certain races but one should not rely solely on scholarships, only a portion.