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How to get a speaker for an anti-bullying school assembly program?


So by now you understand how much bullying is a problem in schools. Every time you turn on the news there’s another student committing suicide because of it or a group of kids yelling vulgar language at an assistant on the school bus.

Whatever the case you understand that it’s out of control and as a Principal, school Counselor, Teacher or PTA member, you want to do something on your campus but don’t know what to do.

Here are some suggestions that you can do.

  • Have a teacher training workshop. But bring somebody in that works with teens, don’t read out of a manual
  • Consider having two school assembly programs, one in the Fall and one in the Spring

Many school administrators don’t realize how easy it is to have an anti-bullying speaker come to your school. The main reason you want a speaker to address your students is because they become the neutral person who gets to say the hard things. Many times these speakers are saying the exact same things all the teachers are saying but they come off as cool and they making a living by connecting with teens and knowing how to deliver a message that will get across to them.

So how much does it cost to hire an anti-bullying speaker for a school assembly?

Before we tell you how affordable speakers are, let me give you some quick tips. Before you contact a speaker, do a little homework. I would call some of the other schools in your district and ask if they want to have bullying assemblies this year. We guarantee that somebody will be on board with the idea.

Drug Awareness Day Speaker - Fabian RamirezThen contact a credible speaker with the topic you want addressed (bullying, drug prevention, academic success) and ask them what their fees are. Mention to them that you have another school and to give a price for both schools.

Want ¬†Fabian’s current speaking fee information?
Please contact Brandon Spinazzola for speaking fee structure.

We want nothing more than to help spread our anti-bullying message by proving a service that schools can afford. Plan your next school assembly and let us provide one of the best youth speakers in the nation, Fabian Ramirez.


  1. Sydney wooten

    Hello my name is Sydney wooten I live in London Ohio.we have recently been hit really hard with bullying in our school and eleven year old girl commuted suicide Sunday morning because of one knew this was going on.we want to put together an assembly sometime soon to show and try to put a stop to bullying in our school.i am the leaders in the anti bullying group for our schools London FFA.we are hoping to have a guest speaker come n speak to our school if possible.please contact me as soon as possibly thank you for your time

  2. Deborrah Ann Stenberg

    Bullying is such a heart breaking and destructive issue that needs to stop. With my past experiences as one of those subjected victims I would like to come forward and speak to others who need my guided assistance.