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How to Respond to Bullies

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When it comes to bullies we often tell kids that if they see someone getting bullied to intervene and stand up to them. However, we lack in showing kids how to do it right. I’m a bullying speaker and I show students how to respond to bullies by implementing the Golden Rule in their every day lives.

I believe that we can show kids how to respond using love and kindness, they will no longer be victims of bullying. I do this at school assemblies using humor before presenting serious information.

The Golden Rule

I help students understand the Golden Rule which is to treat others the way you want to be treated. The funny thing about this approach is that it’s designed to be used on people who are mean to you. That’s why it’s so effective when implemented the right way.

So I teach by role playing. The best way that people learn is by seeing a thought in action, I mean that’s how adults learn, they are trained to do their job. So the best way that Parents and Teachers can show kids how to respond to bullies is by role playing different situations they might find themselves in at school. For example, name calling happens a lot in schools and I like to show kids how to respond to name calling. I first tell kids that fights don’t start off as fights, there is something else that happens that escalates into a fight.

So most ongoing bullying can be eliminated by harnessing the golden rule. The reason why it works is because it’s hard to be mean to someone who is consistently nice to you. The keyword is consistent. The moment kids give in to a bully by responding with hate or violence, they win, they get what they want. So I teach students to respond with love and kindness and bullies will leave them alone. Not only that, but some bullies will become friends with the people who are nice to them. We all know that hurt people hurt people and some bullies are hurting and they just want somebody to be nice to them. They are willing to push people away but if we teach kids to stand their ground and show them love and respect, it just might be what was needed for them to turn their lives around. Always remember that Love is Greater than hate. Remember to tell Principals about my anti-bullying program and to invite me to be a guest speaker at their schools.

Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend. -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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    really nice i would like for Fabian to come to my school ms88 that i think it will be awesome he really encourage me to help and i am giving speeches of bullying so what a great inpiration.