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I’ll be sharing a lot of information and resources with you as you look into different speakers. My expertise is anti-bullying and anti-drug prevention.For example, every year I’m asked to speak at schools during Red Ribbon Week, here is NBC News coverage from my time in Casper, Wyoming.

Red Ribbon Speaker in Casper, Wyoming

Red Ribbon Speaker in Casper, Wyoming

Also, as you may know, October is National Anti-Bullying Month,

and schools across the country scramble to have an emphasis at their school to help address the issue.

I also partner with non-profits and organizations that reach teens. I spoke at march Against Bullying in San Antonio, TX.

I'm under the "O" and to the left.

Then the Friday after, I had the privilege to be the keynote speaker at three school assemblies at Garcia Middle School in San Antonio, which is in the NEISD.


The students were so excited to have me come to their school. I signed a pledge against bullying at the end of every school assembly. This day was made possible through the help of the school’s PTA. Here is the Press Release from the event.

Thanks PTA!

I often get asked about the price to have me come to a school. I try to keep my integrity rates consistent.

Here’s a tip to help fund my program:

The biggest way to afford my program is to split the cost between two schools in the same district. Let’s say there are two middle schools in the same district wanting a speaker. I would work with one person to finalize a speaking agreement. On the date agreed upon, I would speak at one school in the morning and the second school in the afternoon.

Each school would pay their half of the speaking fee and I get to speak to more schools, yay you and yay me.
Please let me know if you have any questions or if your school or organization is interested in hosting a school assembly, I would love to be the youth speaker at your next event.
Have a wonderful day, looking forward to partnering with you, contact Brandon, my booking manager if you are even thinking about having a school assembly, we would love to motivate your students.
Fabian Ramirez
National Youth Speaker


  1. Andrea Damiani

    I have a couple of questions.

    I am contacting you from an inner city district with a very small budget to hire speakers. What is your fees?
    Will you come to NJ?
    Will you do a presentation to spanish speaking only parents?

  2. Joanne Torlucci

    I am so very impressed by your videos, and wondered if you ever travel to FL? You are EXACTLY the type of dynamic individual we are looking to speak to our middle school students. I am in charge of the character education program for our 900+ students, grades 6-8. We have a good mix of kids, about 40% reduced lunch, all ethnicities. Your messages and your delivery would be so perfect, I wish you lived here!
    If you don’t travel to FL, is there anyone in the area you could recommend?
    Thank you,
    Joanne Torlucci, Media Specialist, Braden River Middle School, Bradenton, FL

  3. Marilyn Davis

    Our school is located in South Carolina, Do you travel to SC? and How much is a show?

  4. Kila O'Neill

    Interested in fees and availability for one session & one day from the dates of 10/14-10/18. It would be for Robinson Middle School, Plano Tx grades 6-8. Thank You.