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Is school safe for students?

Elementary school girl being bullied

Elementary school girl being bullied

To the parents of school aged children:

Without a doubt, schools are a safe place and they offer your children a place to socialize with other students and school remains to be  a place where young leaders are nurtured to become leaders of tomorrow. With that said every school around the world deals with bullying.

The truth is that students pick on each other at school and outside of school. There is no telling how a student is affected by their environment when they are away from school. There is a good chance that a school bully doesn’t get in trouble at home for hitting and making fun of siblings. Most parents take action when their child is misbehaving, but how many times have kids gotten away with hitting another person or calling somebody a bad name or used bad language.

Parents need to know that students get bullied at school every day and that’s why it’s vital to have open discussions with their children. Parents keep in mind that getting picked on is embarrassing for the student and rarely do they start the conversation about it. Parents should ask their student if they have ever been bullied or if they are currently being bullied. If the answer is no, the next question to ask is if anybody in the class is a bully. Students love to talk about other students and this would be a good way to get information about other students. As a parent, you could be used to help stop other kids from being picked on by presenting the information you gather to school administrators.

When parents drop off their students at school they assume that all is well with their child. Parents know their children better than anyone else so they should be the first to pick up on something being wrong. If a student doesn’t want to talk about their situation, give them a little space and try again at a later time.

No matter what school a student attends, he/she should be able to be productive in a safe learning environment.


  1. Fabian Ramirez

    It’s true Anne, parents try to force their kids to give them information and yes they should be able to ask for information but they should also see their children as valuable people with their own opinions. Learn how to speak to children and the results are huge.