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Parent Teacher AssociationAfter speaking at a middle school in San Antonio, I asked the Principal how they found me and she mentioned to me that the Parent Teacher Association® (PTA) was in charge of bringing me in. They raised the funds and used some of their own to have me speak to their children about school bullying and how to respond to bullies.

I was truly honored when I found out that the PTA paid for the assemblies. In my mind I think of ladies having bake sales to raise money but it’s definately different. These are men and women who take the time to be a part of their child’s education by getting involved at their school. They spend hours attending meetings and building relationships with other parents in their community. They pay dues be members and they research programs that can be useful for their students. They network with other PTA members from nearby schools.

I cannot say enough how impressed I am by this Association. From what I read the number of members are slowly decreasing but still those who are members are carrying the torch for their kids.

As you can see from the image above, the middle school thanked the PTA on their school sign.