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Red Ribbon Week Activities and Resources

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Is your school going to celebrate Red Ribbon Week this October?

As you know every year schools across America wear red ribbons to show their support to remain drug free.

Red Ribbon week activitiesOne of the best ways to get your students fired up during the campaign is to hire a red ribbon week speaker to address the issues with drugs and alcohol. Students love to hear from others who have experience with drugs and talk about why drug prevention is so important. School assemblies are the best avenue to share information to the whole school at one time.

In addition to bringing in a guest speaker, schools can have red ribbon week activities that students can do during the week. For example, schools have done contests during the week to get everyone involved. You can see who can decorate their door the best. Another idea is to have hallway projects that each class can do.

You want the kids to take action so you may consider purchasing or creating a banner with a drug free slogan and have all the kids sign it so that they can pledge to be drug free.

If you would like more information about hiring a speaker, please contact us.