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SADD | Students Against Destructive Decisions | Hutto High School

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SADD TX ChapterThe SADD chapter at Hutto High School in Hutto, TX were in charge of having school assemblies this Spring. The theme for the day was anti-bullying and more specifically, cyberbullying.

They designed their own shirts which on the front say, Stop Bullying within a stop sign and underneath it they have the Like Button like you would see on Facebook. In the back of the shirt they have the slogan that they came up with, “Think before you click”. Many in the auditorium were wearing the shirts to show their support of the SADD chapter on campus. These programs help students take initiative at school and it help them take leadership positions on campus.

The chapter was created by one of the teachers on campus, but it’s really a student led program. For example, the students created a cyberbullying video and showed it to the student body at the beginning of each school assembly. The video will also be submitted into a nationwide contest where chapters from across America will submit their videos as well.

As you can see, the SADD organization has done a fantastic job at getting students and teachers involved in spreading the word on campuses about how to keep student from making destructive decisions. They also make it a point to let students know the consequences that their decisions can have on themselves, their families and the people around them.

Fabian Ramirez was the keynote speaker at each assembly at Hutto High School and he was able to talk about how Love is great than hate (Love>Hate). He basically taught students how to implement the Golden Rule in their every day lives and when they show love and respect to others, they instantly become leaders because people will want to follow them. I recommend hiring Fabian to be the next anti-bullying speaker at your next school assembly.

Hutto High School SADD chapter

SADD Chapter at Hutto HS