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Speaking at Youth Assemblies on School Bullying

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Speaking at youth assemblies takes a special set of skills to connect with the youth of today.  Children are faced with an incredible amount of challenges, far more than we could ever imagine when we were kids.  The issues kids in our communities face the range from dealing with peer pressure to participate in criminal activity, bullying, drug abuse and dropping out of school.  A youth speaker can reach out to children to deliver some of the most important messages that will affect their lives for the better. 

Often times, we adults are unable to connect with our kids.  Children view us as their parents, teachers and etc.  Kids need a speaker who is seen as a peer, not someone who is just lecturing them.  Youth speakers connect with kids by speaking to them in their language, using humor, and being genuine.

school bullyingNow more than ever the issues children are facing are sky rocketing more than ever.   Middle school bullying has become a serious issue with in the school systems.   Both the bully and the victim face serious consequences which are irreversible.

If you have watched the news lately more and more kids are committing suicide as result of being bullied.  Many students will even skip school just to avoid being harassed.  Victims may also suffer serous long-term effects such as dropping out of school, and abuse alcohol.  The victim is not the only person with something to lose.  The alleged bully may face prison time as state legislation is cracking down hard on bullying.  The alleged may be charged as an adult due to the crime. 

Hosting a peer for speaking at youth assemblies will deliver an important message that reaches to our children.  A bullying speaker will deliver a powerful message that gets to the kids before a life altering event such as bullying occurs.