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Children are faced with tough challenges in their daily lives, more than we can ever fathom. Reaching out and speaking to youth is extremely critical. The alarming rate of school violence is now on the rise. Bullying negatively impacts the lives of everyone involved, both the victim and abuser. Now is the time to step up and address these issues to kids in our communities to shape their lives for the better.

Bullying affects children, in many cases they suffer from depression, drop out of school, and may commit suicide which is now being called Bullycide. Kids are afraid to speak up about the events as they fear for their lives. A study conducted by Oklahoma’s Department of Health in 2009 showed: 2 out of every 10 high school students felt so concerned with their personal safety they brought a weapon to school with them. Kids who are bullied aren’t the only ones who encounter life changing events. Recent news has brought about the consequences abusers face.

The kids who participated in bullying Phoebe Prince are facing felony charges. The outward appearance of these children were of being upward outstanding students. If indicted with these charges, these six children face prison time. This ruins any chance for them to turn their lives around for the better. How can this issue be addressed to the youth off our community?

The growing number of single parent families in our nation also make it difficult for parents to talk to their kids. Parents are now having to spend more time away from the home in order to survive. If children are fortunate enough to have both parents in their lives, often times they are not comfortable talking about their problems.

A solution to this problem is to have young positive role models speaking to youth about their problems. Children are much more inclined to learn from someone whom they can relate with. A youth speaker encourages children to make wise decisions about their future by bringing the potential consequences of their actions to the forefront. Make a difference in a child’s life today, by hosting a youth speaker to empower your child’s life.