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What You Should Speak About to Teens

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It takes a lot of knowledge, effort, and guts to become an effective teen speaker.  The teens are a very dynamic audience and they are very complicated too.  As their speaker, you are given the power and the chance to make a difference in their lives. This is something enormous that should not be easily taken for granted.  Teenage years are a pivotal period in a person’s life.  All the influences that he or she has during this time will play a crucial role in molding him or her into a responsible adult, or otherwise.

There are a number of topics you must master as a teen speaker.  Some of them are the following:

• Time Management and Organization– This topic is very important because teens are yet learning to manage their time and activities.  As teen years are busy years, they must be guided as to how to organize everything—from home, to school, to extra-curricular activities.

• Middle School Bullying and Its Consequences – This is a common school problem and teens must be aware of how bullying could harm not only the ones being bullied, but the bullies too.

• Speaking to and Understanding Your Parents—Teenage life is full of drama and emotions.  Youth should be made to understand how to effectively cope with the many new things around them without needing to be a pain in their parents’ neck.
• Social Interaction—Socialization is crucial too, because the peers that a teenager keeps are reflective of the kind of person he or she is turning to be.  Proper and careful selection of friends is necessary in paving a way for a good future.

These are just some of the hottest topics you must be able to discuss extensively as a teen speaker. You have to know about them and be able to tackle them sincerely and confidently among the youth. Of course the list can go on but the idea is that teenagers have a lot of deal with and at times they don’t want to listen to their parents. So it’s vital to pair students with a role model or somebody that they do listen to. So if you are a parent, watch them closely and find out who they listen to the most and try to engage in that so that at least you come off as understanding. This will open up conversation and a better relationship with your teen.