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Speaking to California Students in High SchoolAt some point, every school looks to bring in speakers to challenge their students to continue their education. Some speakers come in and talk solely about staying away from drugs and alcohol. Whatever the topic it’s important to bring in a neutral person who can motivate youth to reach their full potential. Whether it’s at a youth conference or school assembly, having a youth speaker can add value to the overall message the school wants to get across. What better way to inspire students about school then to have someone tell them why it’s beneficial to finish. Yes, parents and teachers can tell students the importance of education but when a man close to their age looks them in the eye and says, “Sow yourself in education so you can reap the dreams you have and fulfill your passion in life”, the message gets across.

A youth speaker is the answer to help motivate students to stay in school and make healthy decisions. Today more than ever, kids needs someone to look up to. Not everyone has a big brother or sister they can look up to and some have elders that do not help them or understand what it takes to finish high school and go on to college. This is why it’s vital to hire a motivational speaker who has a college degree, or a Hispanic education speaker like me who went further and earned a Masters degree.

The youth of today are the future of tomorrow and one day they will be the movers and shakers of America and the rest of the world. This is why a youth speaker can influence students to choose a lifestyle that leads them to become productive individuals. Youth just want someone who can understand them and speak to them at their level. Someone who has walked in their shoes and has gone through the same struggles as them. The public school system has millions of students who need to be inspired to finish high school. Students want to relate with a speaker so they can catch a vision as they listen to a person that used to be in their same shoes that finished high school and earned a college degree.

Let students listen to personal stories about how this Hispanic underdog beat all the odds and went through the public school system and finish college and grad school. Students will walk away feeling challenged to not drop out of school and to do their best to change their family tree by getting their education.