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Anti-Bullying Speaker | Fabian Ramirez, M.A.

Fabian Ramirez is an anti-bullying speaker and drug prevention specialist based out of Washington, DC. Bully prevention is near to Fabian’s heart simply because he was bullied in middle school and he knows the psychological impact that bullying can have on students.

Fabian’s personal mission is to get in front of as many students as possible and share his message and ways to prevent and eliminate bullying behavior on campuses across the United States. If you are a school counselor or Principal, Fabian would love to help your campus be a bully and drug free zone. His anti-bullying program has helped thousands of students and faculty across the nation.

Public School Education

Fabian is a product of the Houston Independent School District system. Fabian attended all Title I schools and now he gets to speak at them. His education started at Southmayd Elementary where he went to school from pre-K to third grade. A new school opened up close to where his parents lived at the time and so for fourth through sixth grade he attended Davila Elementary school.

Then Fabian attended Deady Middle school and went on to graduate from Milby High school. He was an average to below average student. He was the student that would ask what it took to get a “C” and regrets not asking what it was going to take to receive an “A”.

After graduating from Milby High School in 1999, Fabian set forth to begin his college career at San Jacinto College in Pasadena, TX. It was at San Jacinto College where he had to take a placement test only to fail all three parts of the test leading him to take remedial courses. So his first semester of junior college was about learning how to read and write properly without receiving college credits. This is why he makes it a point in his speech to say that “it’s not where you start, it’s where you end up that matters”.

Private School Education

After taking courses over a period of three years part-time at the junior college level, he received enough basic course credits to transfer to the University of Houston, Business School. He was accepted but he looked into another school in Dallas, TX which would be the school he chose to attend, DBU.

During his time at DBU, he worked closely with at-risk students from the neighborhoods of Oak Cliff, Dallas.

First Generation College Graduate

In December 2005, he became the first in his entire family to receive a bachelors degree.

He then was accepted into the Graduate school of Business at DBU and studied Organizational Management. In two years he finished his studies and received a Masters degree in Management in May of 2008 and ended up with a 3.85 GPA (that’s all A’s and one B+ by the way). Fabian is also certified in Conflict Resolution with the State of Texas.

In the summer of 2009 Fabian was accepted into the cohort V at DBU where he was going to pursue a PhD in Leadership. After his first semester of studying, it was apparent that he needed to fulfill his true passion, owning a business and speaking to young people to live out their dreams. His research on emotional intelligence sets him apart from all other anti-bullying speakers.

Event Planners

Fabian planned events for years and knows how hard it is to find a youth speaker, someone who can bring it home and that can leave audiences asking for more. His story has already encouraged thousands of students over the years and he wants to partner with you in helping students fulfill their dreams through education.

When Fabian graduated college he knew that he could do whatever he wanted to do because of that accomplishment. Today he is living his dream of inspiring others to live out their dreams as well. Contact Brandon about inviting Fabian to speak to your students about the importance of education. If budget is an issue, we have 8 ways to fund Fabian’s programs to help you plan.