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Fabian is one of the most sought after bullying prevention speakers in the country. His training is perfect for providing CEU credit hours to: Counselors, Teachers, and Administrators.

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CEU Credits Counselors

Fabian brings real-life scenarios to every presentation that he delivers. Having first-hand experience with bullying during his middle school years has provided him with a platform in which to speak on the psychological impact that bullying can have on students.

Bullying Prevention Training Takeaways Include:

  • The psychological impact of bullying
  • How hurt people, hurt people
  • A person often acts out what they don’t talk out
  • The importance of empathizing, encouraging and empowering
  • Most bullies were actually victims first
  • Cultural norms dictate behavior
  • Applying communication styles to bullying
  • Treating others the way we want to be treated

“Many times speakers talk about the law, rules and regulations, but Fabian’s presentation brought in the relationship element or the human factor.” – Region III Training Coordinator

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