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Topic: Bully Prevention

  1. Anti Bullying Speakers

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    Anti Bullying Speakers

    So it continues, bullying. When it occurs in a school, administrators scramble to hire anti bullying speakers to address the issue by hosting school assemblies. In addition to having a bullying policy in place, schools should address bullying by hiring a professional speaker.

    Why are school assemblies important?

    School assemblies are important because it’s an easy way to relay a message toward a specific topic to the entire student population. Not all school assemblies address an issue. Some assemblies are used to encourage students to do well on a state test for example. Others are used for fun or as a reward for good behavior, like a pep rally. Here are 5 school assembly planning tips to assist you as you prepare for your next event.

    Positive School Climate Increases Student Academics

    Continue to have school assemblies as research shows, schools that continue to foster a positive school climate, score high in academics.

    Students want to perform well. If the school culture is to do the very minimum, it will become a low performing school. However, if the school administration raises the standards on their students and teachers, the school will ultimately improve academically. Hence the quote: “My teacher thought I was smart, so I was.”

    Having a positive school climate has nothing to do with social economic status of the neighborhood, any school regardless of race and income levels, can have happy teachers and students.

    Why Anti Bullying Speakers?

    There is no shortage of speakers that will speak on a popular topic. In fact, some speakers will change their topic just to get hired. When hiring a speaker to tackle subjects such as drug prevention, suicide or bullying, remember that they are representing the school as a consultant. Do you really want to create unnecessary controversy? Do you want upset parents? The saying still stands, “you get what you pay for.”

    Experience. Make hiring a speaker a line item in your school budget. If you’re an event planner trying to book speakers to tackle prevention issues without a budget, you’re in a vulnerable situation. If you look for the cheapest speakers on the market, you’ll find the least experienced. It’s true. What experienced expert do you know that travels the country spreading their message at no cost?

    Relatable. As you watch dozens of speaking videos online of speakers, consider how well they will relate to your students. If you have students that are fun, hire a speaker uses humor to motivate teens. If you have students that are more serious, you may invite a prevention company that sends out presenters and is more about a movement. Do not invite a person solely on the fact that they are famous or from a sports team. These folks create a lot of hype and are much more effective for a pep-rally or a basic motivational message, not prevention.

    Authentic. A true communicator knows how to bring themselves into the presentation. In fact, students know when a presenter is being fake or trying to be cool just because they’re talking to teens. Hire a speaker that is authentic and real. After the presentation, you’ll see how some students were touched by the authenticity of the speaker by walking up to him/her and sharing how the message really spoke to them.

    In conclusion, when searching anti bullying speakers, hire a person with experience that can relate to your student demographics and that will be authentic with your students.

  2. First Lady Melania Trump To Tackle Cyberbullying

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    Melania Trump Cyberbullying

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    Two days before her husband Donald Trump was elected to become the 45th President of the United States of America, Melania Trump made an announcement that as first lady, she would tackle Cyberbullying as one of her issues.

    First Ladies have a history of working towards issues that are close to their hearts. Former First Lady Laura Bush fought to improve literacy and Michelle Obama helped to make families healthy.

    Melania Trump is already being criticized for picking cyberbullying as an issue to combat because her husband Donald Trump has been known to post mean tweets on his twitter account. Maybe this could be the reason why she has chosen to combat bullying. We do know that Melania used to be a fashion model and I’m sure she has stories about being bullied as a young girl.

    In her speech before the election, Melania addressed the crowd by saying, “It is never OK when a 12-year-old girl or boy is mocked, bullied or attacked. It is terrible when it happens on the playground, and it is absolutely unacceptable when it is done by someone with no name hiding on the internet. We have to find a better way to talk to each other,” Melania Trump said.

    Yes, this may seem like an uphill battle but as an anti bullying speaker in this country, I’ve seen some improvement over the years. Bullying is an internal issue. Too many people are walking around wounded with psychological scars that have never been dealt with. My message is simple, hurt people, hurt people, but healed people, heal people. I hope that Melania will focus on ways to help young people deal with the emotional and psychological scars that they have so they can stop transferring their hurts onto others.

    I’m excited that the First Lady will tackle bullying on playgrounds and social media because our children deserve to be safe offline and online.

  3. Speaker for Indian Tribal Schools

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    Is your tribe looking for a speaker who can come to your community and speak to students about bullying and staying away from drugs?

    Fabian has spoken to several Indian tribal schools around the country. Growing up with traditional parents and having to navigate two cultures has helped bridge Fabian’s message to students of Indian decent.

    Tribal schools call on Fabian to speak on bullying because a lot of student don’t know how to respond to bullying or know how to be proactive so they become victims of bullying.

    In May, Fabian partnered with the Cherokee Youth Council and Cherokee Central schools to speak to all students about bullying. First the comedy group, The 1491s, performed a sketch using props and videos to entertain students. Then Fabian was the keynote speaker and made everyone laugh and left the community with a powerful message about bullying.

    Tribal School Speaker

    1491s with Fabian Ramirez

    Recently, Fabian was hired to speak to the entire Muckleshoot Tribal School student body in Auburn, WA. In addition to speaking to students, Fabian was the keynote speaker for culture night. Parents listened as Fabian gave them tips and tools they could implement right away to help them raise confident kids.

    Is your tribe ready to bring in a powerful speaker that your students will never forget? Contact us about having Fabian speak to your students.

    Indian Tribal Speaker

    Fabian Ramirez at Muckleshoot Tribal Schools

  4. A Bullying Speaker You Can Trust

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    Have you ever invited a speaker to speak to your students about a sensitive topic and they totally bombed? I have. I used to be an event planner and I know how difficult it is to bring in a motivational speaker that can really hold the attention of your students and still relay a powerful message.

    I have over 12 years of experience speaking to students and working with event planners to make sure they have a successful event. When I speak in schools I take a lot into consideration.

    For one, I know that a lot of teachers dislike school assemblies because they feel it takes away from class time. The message they are sending is due to the fact that the program in the past has not been as strong as they expected. In my presentations, I make sure to speak to students, but also have teaching moments for teachers and counselors.

    I also know how hard it is to trust a speaker from the outside. I must say, this is why I like to speak personally to all event planners so they can feel comfortable with the message that I’m going deliver and I get a better idea of the goals for the event. I also like to know the demographics of the school so that I use jokes that can help me relate to the audience.

    trust a youth motivational speaker

    So before you invite a motivational speaker to speak to your youth, do research on the speaker, read or watch speaker testimonials to see what others had to say about them and see if that person fits within your budget. Once you feel that you can trust a certain speaker, bring them to your school and have a successful school assembly.

  5. Blue Shirt Day™ – Bullying Awareness

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    blue shirt dayAs a speaker, I get to speak at various schools and celebrate national holidays and themes. In October, I was able to speak during Blue Shirt Day™. This is a day in which celebrities, schools and organizations wear a blue shirt in an effort to raise awareness of bullying.

    I spoke at three school assemblies in Massachusetts. Most of the faculty and staff were wearing their blue shirt and the students had the option to wear theirs as well. Before one of the presentations, Alex Morse, Mayor of Holyoke, MA, passed by and gave students a pep talk about loving the city and doing all they can to show love and respect to each other. He was the perfect intro to my speech.

    After each speech, students would come up to me and thank me for coming to their school. I passed out cards that read, “Run Biscuit” for them to remember the day. It was truly a special day nationwide.

    You can find out more about this event and how you can get involved by visiting their website:

  6. Using Humor To Motivate Teens at School Assemblies

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    I often ask event planners why they decided to hire me to speak to their teenage students and the answer I get the most is because I use a lot of humor in my speech.  The other reason is because I’m Hispanic and they usually have a high percentage of Hispanics at their school or they want to expose their students to someone who is Hispanic and holds a Masters degree and runs a successful business.  (more…)

  7. How to get a speaker for an anti-bullying school assembly program?


    So by now you understand how much bullying is a problem in schools. Every time you turn on the news there’s another student committing suicide because of it or a group of kids yelling vulgar language at an assistant on the school bus.

    Whatever the case you understand that it’s out of control and as a Principal, school Counselor, Teacher or PTA member, you want to do something on your campus but don’t know what to do.

    Here are some suggestions that you can do.

    • Have a teacher training workshop. But bring somebody in that works with teens, don’t read out of a manual
    • Consider having two school assembly programs, one in the Fall and one in the Spring

    Many school administrators don’t realize how easy it is to have an anti-bullying speaker come to your school. The main reason you want a speaker to address your students is because they become the neutral person who gets to say the hard things. Many times these speakers are saying the exact same things all the teachers are saying but they come off as cool and they making a living by connecting with teens and knowing how to deliver a message that will get across to them.

    So how much does it cost to hire an anti-bullying speaker for a school assembly?

    Before we tell you how affordable speakers are, let me give you some quick tips. Before you contact a speaker, do a little homework. I would call some of the other schools in your district and ask if they want to have bullying assemblies this year. We guarantee that somebody will be on board with the idea.

    Drug Awareness Day Speaker - Fabian RamirezThen contact a credible speaker with the topic you want addressed (bullying, drug prevention, academic success) and ask them what their fees are. Mention to them that you have another school and to give a price for both schools.

    Want  Fabian’s current speaking fee information?
    Please contact Brandon Spinazzola for speaking fee structure.

    We want nothing more than to help spread our anti-bullying message by proving a service that schools can afford. Plan your next school assembly and let us provide one of the best youth speakers in the nation, Fabian Ramirez.

  8. How to Respond to Bullies

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    When it comes to bullies we often tell kids that if they see someone getting bullied to intervene and stand up to them. However, we lack in showing kids how to do it right. I’m a bullying speaker and I show students how to respond to bullies by implementing the Golden Rule in their every day lives.

    I believe that we can show kids how to respond using love and kindness, they will no longer be victims of bullying. I do this at school assemblies using humor before presenting serious information.

    The Golden Rule

    I help students understand the Golden Rule which is to treat others the way you want to be treated. The funny thing about this approach is that it’s designed to be used on people who are mean to you. That’s why it’s so effective when implemented the right way.

    So I teach by role playing. The best way that people learn is by seeing a thought in action, I mean that’s how adults learn, they are trained to do their job. So the best way that Parents and Teachers can show kids how to respond to bullies is by role playing different situations they might find themselves in at school. For example, name calling happens a lot in schools and I like to show kids how to respond to name calling. I first tell kids that fights don’t start off as fights, there is something else that happens that escalates into a fight.

    So most ongoing bullying can be eliminated by harnessing the golden rule. The reason why it works is because it’s hard to be mean to someone who is consistently nice to you. The keyword is consistent. The moment kids give in to a bully by responding with hate or violence, they win, they get what they want. So I teach students to respond with love and kindness and bullies will leave them alone. Not only that, but some bullies will become friends with the people who are nice to them. We all know that hurt people hurt people and some bullies are hurting and they just want somebody to be nice to them. They are willing to push people away but if we teach kids to stand their ground and show them love and respect, it just might be what was needed for them to turn their lives around. Always remember that Love is Greater than hate. Remember to tell Principals about my anti-bullying program and to invite me to be a guest speaker at their schools.

    Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend. -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

  9. No Place For Hate | Walt Clark Middle School | Loveland, Colorado

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    No place for hate school assemblies in ColoradoAfter visiting Walt Clark Middle School in Loveland, CO, I am very encouraged. The students on the campus were well behaved and they welcomed me like a celebrity. I admire when students take the time to listen and reach out to me because I want to then give them more than what they ask for.

    Event planner for youth speakerOn this campus there are 11 members on the No Place For Hate club. At each presentation I encouraged students to be a part of the program because students are learning how to loving and respectful to each other. The more we can teach students to show love and respect, the better off we will be as a society. Emilia, the event planner who happens to be the art teacher, was telling me about two suicides that were recent in the district. One was due to a bad breakup but she mentioned that the other could be traced to bullying.

    A lot of kids have been hurting themselves due to bullying and now that the Bully Movie has come out it shines light to why students are killing themselves, a term being thrown around is committing Bullycide. I don’t think there is anything better than student led organizations on campus. Adults can have programs for students but when kids can invite other kids to be a part of something big on campus, it helps develop the leaders that we need. So three assemblies took place at the middle school and each of them address the issue of bullying and how to reduce it on campus. I was able to share about how love is great than hate and I showed teens how to respond to bullies using love and kindness, basically implementing the Golden Rule. Everywhere I speak I asked teens if they know what the Golden Rule is, and so far it’s been 100% of the schools that I go to, they know exactly what it means, treat others the way you want to be treated. I just show them what that looks like in their lives.

  10. Bully Movie Review

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    bully movie posterThe Bully movie is a dark film that portrays the life of 5 kids who are bullied at school. From the beginning the director does not hold back on releasing footage that makes the emotions of any individual run wild.

    You start off watching home videos of a little boy having a good time on camera. The next scene is of a father talking about that boy and how he was a good kid. He goes on to point out how he was being bullied at school and as a result the boy took his own life. Later we get to see the closet in which the boy hung himself.

    The movie did paint school administrators as weak and unwilling to put a stop to bullying. Even when questioning kids that were reported to be picking on another students, one of the school counselors told the student that if he continues to misbehave that she was going to report it and put it in his disciplinary folder. The response came off comic as many in the theater chuckled as if they were in unison for wanting a harsher action toward the kid. When kids know the consequences for their behavior is weak and tolerate, they weigh out those consequences and decide that getting in trouble is okay. They must be told how they can really be reprimanded.

    For example, one of the girls in the film decided that she was going to take her mom’s gun to school and ended up pulling the gun out on the bus and waved it as the teens who were picking on her. Well her actions caused her to get 40+ accounts of kidnapping because of that incident. She ended up having all the charged dropped but she could’ve received a sentence of over 100 years behind bars because of that.

    Bullying is psychological, it messes with your mind. It makes you do some crazy things. It’s no wonder that 71% of school shooters were bullied at school. Even in the film, one of the main kids said his friends choke him, call him the “B” word and his reaction is to cover for them and say that they’re just playing around. He became immune to bullying. We definately don’t want our students to think that they deserve to be hit or worse that it’s their fault that kids pick on them.

    What the Bully movie is missing

    The movie does a good job at showing the problem among kids and school administrators and city officials. What the movie does not do is give a better idea of how to help students. I’m a parent and it leaves me scared out of my mind to even think about sending my child to school. In fact as I was leaving the theater I overheard a lady say, “well now I’m scared that my son is going to kill himself”. So you walk away with a feeling that if my kid is being picked on, then my kid may kill themselves.

    I would’ve liked to see more about how to walk kids through bullying, how to teach kids how to respond to bullies. My biggest weapon against bullying to teaching kids how to repond to misbehavior. If we can teach kids how to respond to bullies, they will be able to stand up for themselves and others.

    Instead we tell kids to intervene when they see another kid get picked on and we forget to empower and equip them on how to do so. The ending of the movie was starting to get good as it showed rallies in different citites to combat bullying but again all it did was raise the fact that kids are killing themselves, and yes it said that we need to be a voice for kids, but students need techniques on how to respond to bullies. Implementing the Golden Rule is one of the best ways in which we can show kids how to respond to bullies. My hope is that in a follow-up film, students are taught how to respond and then filmed on implementing what they learn. In the meantime, kuddos to director Lee Hirsch for raising awareness about bullying in schools. Parents, Teachers, School officials, Families, it takes all of our involvement to keep schools a safe place for children.

    Here is the trailer to the movie that I recommend parents take their teens to see so they can start a conversation about bullying at their school:

    If you are a school administrator, consider inviting bullying speakers to speak about bullying at school assemblies throughout the year. It’s a great way to start a campaign at school so everybody can be on the same page.