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Topic: High School Dropouts

  1. Santa Ana Unified School District Assemblies

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    Santa Ana Unified School District Assembly PresentationsThe best type of client is a repeat client. Recently Fabian was hired to come back to speak at Saddleback High School in Santa Ana, California.

    Two years ago, Fabian was hired to speak to all Sophomore students during the California Standard Tests (CSTs) which are called STAR Tests. Students were so motivated that the overall scores of Sophomores were higher than the previous year.

    Now that the students are Seniors, they are going to hear from Fabian again as he is scheduled to motivate the students before their California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE). The school is wanting the students to be motivated to finish high school and go on to college.

    Saddleback H.S. is a Title 1 School with a low socioeconomic status. 95% Hispanic/Latino and an increase an Asian population. Fabian is Hispanic so it’s important for these students to hear from a speaker who can hold their attention by relating to them. Students need to hear from Hispanic speakers like Fabian who has graduated high school, college and grad school instead of someone who made bad choices. Students need encouragement and see themselves in somebody else’s success so they too can follow the footsteps of those who come before them. Fabian will challenge them with his favorite quote, “When you graduate, your family graduates”.

    Those in attendance will be approximately 400 12th grade students and Fabian will cover goal setting, pursuing higher eduction, and making wise choices.

  2. DFW School Speaker | Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex

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    Finally, a speaker that understands our students. Are you an Educator in the Dallas/Fort Worth area? Have you been looking for a speaker to invite to your school to motivate your students to finish strong? Well I have news for you, we now have a local speaker who is absolutely outstanding and he relates very well with teenagers. His name is Fabian Ramirez.

    Lone Star High School Principal Karen Kraft

    Fabian with Principal Kraft, Lone Star High School, Frisco ISD

    Fabian has spoken within Grand Prairie ISD, Cleburne ISD, Cedar Hill ISD and recently Frisco ISD. He has personally mentored students from Molina High School (DISD), Skyline High School (DISD), Sunset High School (DISD), Duncanville High School and many more. Fabian has been a youth motivational speaker in Texas for over ten years primarily working with at-risk students.

    Today as a National Youth Speaker, he travels the country speaking to students about Drop-out prevention, bullying prevention and drug prevention. The thing about Fabian is that he can take a tough subject such as bullying and make learning about preventing it in school fun for students. Fabian lands all his presentations on Education. He firmly believes that if we can get more students educated, the better the choices they will make in life.

    One of his famous one-liners to students is “when you graduate, your family graduates”. This is where his message really resonates with students because they all want to do their best in school and they know that graduating is an important step in their journey to being successful. The then goes on to say “The more you learn, you more you earn”. Students walk away from his presentations empowered and motivated to excel in their studies. He hits on character development as well as student leadership principles.

    If you are a school event planner in the DFW Metroplex, I advise you to contact Fabian’s booking manager and set a date for him to speak at your next school assembly.

  3. School Assembly Speaker


    Not all speakers were created equal—or at least not all of them are equally effective.   Some people are just better communicators than others.  If you want to be a better speaker, you have to master some techniques, especially if you are a school assembly speaker.  An assembly is a big venue, and quite overwhelming too, because this is where parents, teachers, businessmen, and leaders are listening to what you have to say.  It is not only important to have the talent and the knowledge but you must have the ability to capture the students attention too, and make them remember what you are trying to tell them.

    The first thing you must do to be an effective school assembly speaker is know how to put yourself in your audience’s shoes.  If you are an adult, you are probably less likely to remember how it felt to be thirteen.  When you talk to youth, you have to think like one of them.  Be aware of what’s going on.  You can’t talk about Power Rangers anymore when who they know is SpongeBob, can you?

    Secondly, use visuals.   Youth are very visual and they always want something fun and interesting.  If you are only going to stand in front of them and talk for an hour or so, they would probably fall asleep during your speech.  You need to make them laugh and keep them on their toes.  This is one of the reasons why many youth speakers are ventriloquists at the same time.  They just need to have another character which will grab the audience’s attention when their minds are starting to wander away from the topic.

    Last, you need to let the students participate in order to be a good school assembly speaker.  Kids, especially teens, are egocentric.  They want to be seen and heard too, and you must give them that opportunity so they’d feel that you are talking about something truly worth their while. Oh and have fun while you are speaking, believe it or not but the students want to you succeed as a speaker.

  4. Encouraging Youth To Graduate High School

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    Youth graduate high school

    Youth graduate high school

    In working with teenagers I have found that most students want to be the best they can be. There are students that do well in school and never get encouraged by their own family members. That’s why it’s vital for adults to let youth of today know how important education is and that they are doing a good job. Every year they pass is a victory in their lives and they should celebrate those victories.

    Graduating high school is not an option. When graduating becomes an option then students will always have on the back of their minds to give up and throw in the towel when it comes to school. That is why we need to encourage youth to start thinking about graduation no matter what grade they are in. It’s important to set a vision in a childs mind and then let them make it happen. That is why visiting college campuses can be a defining moment in students life because that is the time for them to catch a vision and follow their dreams to attend and finish college. Maybe you can look for events where they can listen to a youth motivational speaker encourage students to follow their dreams so they can be successful.

    So many students cannot see past high school and they actually think that college is so far away that they don’t have the time to think about it. There are also parents that are not motivating their kids to attend college and so it they go it’s because they want to go not because their parents have pushed them to go. So encouraging youth is important and we should always ask them questions like what grade they are in and what college they are going to attend. We need to be proactive in helping reduce the number of students who drop out of high school. This helps them to keep education at the forefront of their minds. It doesn’t matter if the students are Hispanic, Black, Anglo or Asian, they need to be encouraged to finish high school and continue on to a higher education.