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Topic: Hispanic Education

  1. Migrant Education Program Speaker for Schools

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    Every school has students from all walks of life. Some were born in the United States and some migrated here as fast as their parents could bring them. Our country has Migrant Education Programs to help students get through school and finish strong with a high school diploma or complete a GED.

    The goal behind programs for migrant students is to give them an opportunity to finish high school and be productive citizens by gaining employment after they graduate. Many states offer different programs depending on the amount of migrant students living in their state and the Office of Migrant Education has grants available for school districts that offer high quality programs.

    If your school has a population of migrant students, you may conisider inviting a bilingual youth motivational speaker like Fabian Ramirez to come speak at school assemblies that you host. Fabian also does parent meetings which can be scheduled in the evenings.
    Migrant Education Program Speaker

    Fabian was able to speak to students in the Oregon Migrant Education program as well as the Migrant Program in the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas. As a Hispanic, Fabian has a way of relating to teens who are migrants students. He talks about overcoming challenges in his life and throws out cultural references like waking up to his mother waking him up by screaming, “Mijo”. He also mentions how his favorite food is chorizo con huevo with fresh flour tortillas or as he puts it, “tortillas de harina”. The students go absolutley nuts when he talks about the Hispanic culture and he does so by using humor and kids are drawn into his message immediately.

    The best part of Fabian’s message is the end. His message hits exactly where all Migrant programs want to land, with every student receiving a high school diploma. Fabian mentions how he almost dropped out in 7th grade but went on to not only graduate high school but finished college and how he now has a Masters degree.

    His favorite quote to students is this, “When you graduate, your family graduates with you”. It’s true, that’s why the whole family shows up at graduations. Invite Fabian to speak at your next school assembly.

  2. Hispanics First In My Family To Graduate

    First in my family to graduate

    First in my family to graduate

    I’m Hispanic and I’m the first in my family to graduate college and graduate school.

    Growing up I never visioned myself accomplishing much as a student. My focus was always on starting a career, little did I know that education was the path that I was supposed to take to advance my career.

    I wish I could say that attaining a college degree was easy but it wasn’t. In fact it took close to seven years for me to complete my bachelors simply because I was working full-time to pay for tuition. When you’re the first in your family to try something new it’s a lot harder because the path you are on is so new that your immediate family doesn’t know how to support you. Good thing my family gave me the emotional encouragement I needed in order to finish.

    I have made a way for future generations who come after me to not only say here is the road but also to say that there is a destination and a degree will be your reward for finishing.

    When I completed grad school I knew my life was going to change. The further I went in school the sharper my mind became and every day when I wake up I think through an educated mind.

    The choices I make reflect the education I received.

    I have received the tools to build a different life for my family. Being the first to graduate college has caused me to think about other victories that I can accomplish in life. I put an end to the myth that college wasn’t for me. I also broke through the stronghold that a degree is just a paper on the wall. I now know that a degree is a life accomplishment and a stepping stone for where my career can go.

    The decision to finish college has changed my family tree forever. My future children will reap the benefits of what I was able to sow in my life. I’m happy that future generations can benefit from the decisions that I was able to make out of high school. I hope to share my message with other young Hispanic middle school and high school students. As I speak to Hispanics about education, I always tell them that it only takes one person to change a family tree. Are you that one person?

  3. Hispanic Community College Enrollment

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    Hispanic Female StudentHispanics are starting to enroll into their local community colleges after they graduate high school. The numbers are starting to go up and this is a good thing. There is still so much to keep in mind when it comes to Latinos attending college.

    Starting college is not the real problem, it’s finishing with a college degree. More and more Hispanics are starting at the community college level but few attend full-time for various reason.

    Hispanic Community College

    Why is the community college so appealing to Hispanics?

    1. There are many reasons. For one, it’s the most affordable way to attend school. Some Hispanics choose to work and attend classes while others have no choice but to work while they take college courses. Older adults will be seen attending night classes while recent high school grads attend classes in the mornings and during the day.

    2. Most community colleges are close to home. Since Hispanics out of high school are not yet working full-time they save money by staying at home. Not only that but families are culturally close, in other words its hard for Hispanic students to move away from home. This is a reason so many stay at home well into their early thirties.

    3. Community colleges are easy to get into. You do not have to apply to most community colleges. This is great because then students can use their time at the community college level as a stepping stone for when they transfer to the University. Many colleges will help students take courses that they know will transfer to the University of their choice.

    There are many more reasons why Hispanic enrollment in Community Colleges is on the rise but it’s the completion of degrees that we need to be working on. Student retention is a big problem in the Hispanic community, we deal with it at the high school level and even more at the college level.

    If Hispanics would support each other while they are in school, they would have a greater chance of finishing. It’s discouraging to be the only Hispanic in some of these classes and when one goes home, nobody in the family understands what they are going through academically so they are on their own.

    Author of this post: Fabian Ramirez is a Hispanic motivational speaker from Dallas, TX. Fabian started his education at the junior college level and so he gives great insight which will help with student retention at schools everywhere.

  4. Educating Hispanic Teenagers

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    This past month I was able to speak to a group of 40 pre-teens in Cleburne, Texas. In my presentation to the students I asked how many of them had ever seen a college degree. To my dismay less than a quarter of the room raised their hands. So then I asked how many of them wanted to see and touch a college degree. 100% of them raised their hands and so then I went on to unravel three degrees that I had available. Once was mine and the other my wife’s and the third one belonged to a good friend of mine who was hosting the event.

    One by one I began to uncover the degrees that were sitting in their own displays ready to be hung back on the wall. You could hear the ewwws and ahhhhs from the students as I uncovered them all. I told them that each one represented over $40,000 of tuition fees. Truth is they were worth way more than that to the person who has achieved such success academically.

    See Hispanics tend to have several odds against them when they attend college. For one, very few have school paid for in its entirety when they begin. So the amount of Hispanics who work while taking college courses is high. When students have to work and go to school at the same time, an area of life suffers. There are times when all areas of life suffer due to stress and this is why many start but few finish. So for students to be able to see and touch three bachelor degrees was huge that day.

    The real reason why I wanted them to see and touch them was so that they can catch a vision and dream about going and finishing school one day. This is why it’s important to start educating Hispanic teenagers about finishing high school and moving on to a higher education. Every generation of Hispanic students should go a little further than the last. Why? Because it’s achievable. Just like the Olympics, records continue to be broken every four years. The same is true in Hispanic education; we continue get further ahead than those of previous generations.

  5. Hispanic College Expenses

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    When it comes to college or any higher education programs, Hispanics are all on board. That is until you reveal to them how much it is going to costs. See Hispanics do not fear having to get up and go to school for a certain amount of years. We are hard working individuals and will spend a lifetime day laboring if we had to. But when it comes to having to pay college expenses to attend colleges and universities, hispanics are discouraged due to financial woes.

    This is why so many Hispanics start off at the junior college level because it’s affordable and the classes can be scheduled around work hours. Of course most junior colleges only let you get most basic courses out of the way until one receives an associate’s degree. But it’s that next leap that is hard to take for many. Transferring to a University where you are no longer close to home or maybe having to move away from home. On top of being away from home, tuition fees increase tremendously from the junior college level. So the amount of financial pressure builds up until it’s too much to handle leaving Hispanics with a couple choices:  take out a ridiculous amount of money on school loans and finish or move back home and work a full time job.

    All of this could have been prevented if parents would have saved money for their children to attend college. But paying to attend school becomes news to them when they are graduating because their whole lives the children were able to attend public school for free or on behalf of taxpayers and now that they want to continue they, there is a cost. This is why it’s important to educate parents on why they should save money for their children as early as elementary.  There is a myth that because students are Hispanic that money is going to be thrown at them as they continue their education and this is not true. Yes, there are scholarships available for students of certain races but one should not rely solely on scholarships, only a portion.

  6. Hispanic American Education

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    There seems to be a lot of talk about Hispanic American education. Many programs are created every year to help boost or may I say increase the attendance of Hispanics in higher education. The truth is that schools are struggling to get students to get serious about academics let alone college. There is something that the school system has left out when it comes to education. The parents.

    What happens is this, once the parents get educated, the kids get educated. This does not happen all the time but Hispanic parents can push their children to do more than they did. For example, if the parents only went junior high or high school then the children have a chance of finishing high school. If the parents finished high school then the children will most likely attend college. This happens because the more education that you have, the more that you appreciate what it can do for the family.

    Hispanic education is America has a side effect though. See for children of strong Hispanic parents, it’s hard for them to leave home and go away to school. Most feel that its a bad thing to move away from the family in order to pursue a life that includes higher education. For this reason, many Hispanics end up attending junior college and staying close to home after high school. Not only that but parents who have not gone through school will most likely not save up money so their children can afford college. In fact the complete opposite occurs. Parents spend the money on the home and on vehicles, basically anything tangible. Investing is almost non-existent in most Hispanic families, especially those of a Mexican background. This is not to say that its bad, they just have a different way of using their finances.

    This is why its important for schools to invest in their Hispanic students because there is no telling which ones are getting the support from home, financially and academically. Some Hispanics are going to work their way through college and graduate school. So make sure to motivate the students by hiring a youth speaker who has been down the road of education and know what it takes to do the hard work but reap the benefits of having a bachelors and a masters degree. Hispanics need to catch a vision about education from others Hispanics because culture speaks for itself.

  7. Educate Yourself Today

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    The message that I tell young people is very clear, educate yourself today so you can be prepared for tomorrow. The concept correlates with anything in life, if you prepare yourself for life, you will succeed in life.

    I never used to think about education nor why it was important. Yes, many tried to get the message across to me that education would play a role in my life but I didn’t understand until I went to college. In fact I have to keep reminding myself how important Hispanic education is and how much of an impact having a college degree has had in my life.

    I often hear people relay mixed messages to young students. Some will say that having a degree is just having a piece of paper on the wall and that it doesn’t play a role in person’s life. I would argue that a degree is more than a piece of paper it’s a way of life.

    People choose to be educated. For some education becomes a way of life, a no turning back defining moment if you will in a persons life when they cross over and never return to a way of life that was holding them back from their true potential.

    So if you are reading this, what are you waiting for, educate yourself today and reap the harvest that is ready for you to reap, but you must sow yourself in education.