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Topic: Hispanic Speaker

  1. Rio Grande Valley Schools | South Texas


    South Texas School Motivational Youth SpeakerAre you a school in the Valley in South Texas looking for a way to motivate your students? Over the last couple of years Fabian Ramirez has had the honor of speaking at schools and conferences in the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) and has been a hit every time. Having family in Harlingen, TX growing up has helped him relate to the students in that area.

    Since Fabian is Hispanic, he relates really well to other Hispanic students. The Valley is 81 percent Hispanic and young, just like Fabian. The region’s educational level is below the state average so when Fabian comes to speak to those students, he gets to share about how he struggled his way to receive a Masters degree. Finishing graduate school is one of the best thing he could’ve done for his own people group. The reason is because now students can look at him and say, he looks like me, acts like me, and he has a Masters. If he can do it, then so can I.

    Fabian was the keynote speaker for a youth conference being held the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council in the City of McAllen, TX. He was able to speak to teens from McAllen High Schools about school bullying and drug prevention. He used humor to capture their attention and then gave them a heart-to-heart talk about making a difference for their families. He mentioned how they can take their family to another level just by graduating high school. He talked about his college experience and how hard it was. The things that are the hardest, are usually worth fighting for, he said. Students and adults who were in attendance walked away motivated and ready to perform well in school and as they pursue higher education.

    Watch him connect with Hispanic high school students in this demo video:

    Here is a list of school districts in the Rio Grande Valley, South Texas area that can contact Fabian if interested in inviting him to their school:

    Brownsville ISD
    Donna ISD
    Edcouch-Elsa ISD
    Edinburg CISD
    Harlingen CISD
    Hidalgo ISD
    Jim Hogg County ISD
    La Feria ISD
    La Joya ISD
    La Villa ISD
    Laredo ISD
    Lasara ISD
    Los Fresnos CISD
    Lyford CISD
    McAllen ISD
    Mercedes ISD
    Mission CISD
    Monte Alto ISD
    Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD
    Point Isabel ISD
    Progreso ISD
    Raymondville ISD
    Rio Grande City CISD
    Rio Hondo ISD
    Roma ISD
    San Benito CISD
    San Isidro ISD
    San Perlita ISD
    Santa Maria ISD
    Santa Rosa ISD
    Sharyland ISD
    South Texas ISD
    United ISD
    University Of Texas At Brownsville
    Valley View ISD
    Webb CISD
    Weslaco ISD
    Zapata County ISD

  2. California Youth Speaker | School Districts

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    Are you a middle school or high school in California looking for a youth speaker? If so, you should consider inviting Fabian to speak to your students. His humor is contagious and your student will love him and his message is solid and inspirational. See the video below of a clip of Fabian speaking at Santa Ana High School in the Santa Ana Unified School District.

    Fabian is from Texas and speaks to California youth often visiting schools and speaking at conferences. If you have any population of Hispanics or Latinos in your school, consider Fabian as his background helps him relate to students really well.

    Speaking to California Students in High SchoolHis fees are affordable, especially if you split the cost with another school on the same day. Consider sending a proposal or a letter to the other Principals in your district and ask about specific days to host school assemblies. Another option is to have a campaign at school about staying in school or school bullying. Maybe have a drug awareness day and get the students excited about living drug free.

    Contact our office if you are interested in hosting school assemblies throughout the year. It’s a good idea to have one scheduled in advance so you know it’s in place and on the school calendar.

  3. Latino Youth Conference Speaker


    When it comes to getting your point across to different ethnicities and getting them to understand the importance of education and getting a degree, it is helpful to ask for the aid of someone that belongs to such a minority.

    Latino Youth Speaker

    Latino Youth Speaker

    If you are hosting a Latino Youth Conference, please hire a speaker who has Hispanic heritage. Speaking to Latino students about education and about their future may be a very difficult thing for one to accomplish if they cannot speak to them in a manner that they can easily understand.

    For you to be able to get through to Latino students when it comes to getting them to understand that education is important for their future, you might need to engage the help of a peer speaker or a Latino youth speaker that can easily impress on them the importance of a college education.

    Speaking to Latino students with the help of a peer speaker or a Latino youth speaker can be very effective since this will give you a way to communicate with an ethnicity that usually understands things better when explained to them partly in their native tongue. If you are not bilingual or you cannot speak in a manner that these youngsters can easily understand, they can easily shut you out and dismiss whatever you are saying without even listening to what you have to say.

    Speaking to young people through a Latino youth speaker about their college education can help you tell them that a college education can be easily attained even when financial difficulties abound. A peer speaker can tell them about the many grants that are being given out by a number of grant-giving bodies that focus on the futures of Hispanic students. A peer speaker can also talk about the many different colleges that offer grants, scholarships and loans to Hispanic students who wish to finish college and to those who want to find a better and more secure future for themselves.

    Contact Fabian today about speaking at your next conference for youth.

  4. Dallas Texas Youth Speaker

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    Are you an event planner looking to hire a youth speaker to bring a positive message to your students?

    You are not alone. Fabian Ramirez gets calls and emails from event planners across the nation. All planners want to get a speaker in front of their students but they want somebody they know can get through to their teens.

    As a Youth Speaker in Dallas – Fort Worth, Fabian has worked with at risk students in the Dallas Oak Cliff neighborhood since 2004. Many of the students Fabian mentored have went on to finish college and are now working on their graduate degrees. His message takes students on a journey about how he went from being bullied in middle school to being elected prom king of his high school.

    Fabian speaks on drop out, bullying and drug prevention and tailors his message to fit your audience. Whether its students or adults, he will have everybody in attendance wanting to hear more. His speeches are so motivational that adults have been known to leave inspired to continue their own education and many have gone back to school to receive their bachelors or their masters’ degree.

    The More You Learn, the More You Earn

    The More You Learn, the More You Earn

    Fabian teaches students about the truth behind the statement: The more you learn the more you learn and he does this through personal experience. He says that there is no excuse for students nowadays to stop attending school after they graduate from high school.

    The More You Learn, The More You Earn

    High school is a stepping stone to going to college and should not be where one stops. Employers require most people to have a high school diploma and more often than not prefer college graduates over somebody with a high school diploma. So get in contact with Fabian today and let him encourage your student body to reach for the stars when it comes to education. He’s humorous and talks to students as if he was their big brother. Students love his humorous approach, so invite him to speak at your next school assembly.

  5. Elementary School Assembly Speaker

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    Elementary School Assembly Speaker

    Elementary School Assembly Speaker

    Lately I have had the opportunity to speak at elementary schools. It’s an honor for me to speak to students no matter what their age. Elementary students have so much energy that it bounces off of me when I speak. When i’m on stage I like to interact with the audience so I usually pull several volunteers. I usually ask the principal or teacher about certain students have have trouble acting good. I don’t embarass anybody I just play off of their energy and hopefully talk some sense into their lives.

    Props are a big piece of my speeches. As an elementary school assembly speaker, I love to use pictures, videos and anything that I can take to interact with the audience. Elementary age students love to see anything out of the ordinary, they just want to have fun and learn in the process. Lately I have been using an electric grill and beef fajitas during my speech. I use the grill to represent many things such as tests that students take. I understand that students are afraid to take tests so I try to calm their nerves by telling them that they will do good on tests as along as they are seasoned students. That’s where the beef fajitas come into play since fajitas are usually seasoned.

    If students are seasoned they will do well when they are grilled on a test. If they are not, then they will not want to be on the grill, or want to take a test. They will be unprepared and more than likely not do good. It’s amazing to me how many students understand the analogy of being a seasoned student. The last assembly that I spoke at, the kids were wanting my autograph as if I was some kind of celebrity. But as I was thinking, i’d rather they get an autograph from somebody they can relate to than somebody that will probably never speak directly to them.

    I can’t wait for the next elementary school assembly, i’m becoming a seasoned speaker, i’m ready to go.

  6. Hispanic Abstinence Speaker

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    youth abstinence speaker

    youth abstinence speaker

    Not many Hispanic men can get in front of an audience and say that they waited until marriage to have intimate relations with his partner. This is why my testimony is a jewel to today’s society and the message needs to get across to young Hispanics that it can be done and the results are worth the sacrifice. I’m living proof that dreams come true to those who wait and want to fulfill their passions.

    There is a perception that Hispanics have a lot of kids. It’s important to have a hispanic abstinence speaker share his testimony on how he was able to remain a virgin until the day of his Wedding night. It all started with a promise ring.

    Creating a family is something I want to do but I plan on doing it the right way so that I can have the resources to provide for the baby that I bring to this world. My future kids will never have to worry about where their next meal will come from because their parents decided when they were teenagers that they would wait until marriage for each other and they did and now they can live a life full of joy because of their decisions.

    Let me come and share my experience with your Hispanic teenagers and let them walk away motivated to continue their education and keep school a priority. I am the result of making wise choices during my teenage and early adult years. I sit on a Master’s degree, i’m debt free, and my marriage is stronger than ever before.

    Join me!