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Topic: Motivating Teens

  1. Budgeting For School Assembly Speaker Fees | Community Grants

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    Can my school afford to pay for a youth motivational speaker? Yes.

    It’s true, we’ve had a lot of schools call us without a budget and then we found that they were surrounded by resources to pay for a speaker to come and deliver a powerful message for their students.

    When I speak, I touch on topics such as: mental health, youth suicide, bullycide & drug prevention. Many organizations receive community grants that can help pay for a speakers fee so they can come to their community and train students and adults. My approach is such as a training because students learn skills to help them cope with bullying and I teach students how to respond when they bullied on campus.

    So contact our office and let’s start the discussion on planning your next event. Parent involvement is lacking in many schools, so let’s work together to improve that. I usually speak during the day to students and I ask them to invite their parents to come back later in the evening and then I speak at a parent night.

    This format has been a home run and I know it’ll be a huge success for your school as well.


  2. Youth Motivational Female Speakers for Teens

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    Female teens are known to deal with issues such as self-image and attitude problems. For this reason it’s important for schools to bring a different perspective, that of which can only come from another woman. Schools should consider inviting a youth motivational female speaker for teens. These speakers can address issues that female teens deal with and provide practical solutions and tips to help them get through their adolescent years.

    A speaker is only around students for half a day at most but that time can be priceless in the lives of teens. A motivational speech can stand the test of time for some students who just needed a little encouragement. Since most speakers talk about struggles they had to overcome, teens can relate to keep pressing on. For most teens, speakers bring a breath of fresh air, a new perspective, and for some a speech can be the wake-up call they needed.

    Many teenage students have a problem with authority and so they tend to have attitudes towards their parents and teachers. They don’t want somebody else to tell them what to do, even if it’s beneficial to them. So when a speaker comes to a school and inspires them to respect their elders and to excel at school, they walk away from school assemblies encouraged to perform well at school. Many students have apologized to their parents and teachers after listening to a speaker because they finally saw that their attitudes have affected their relationships.

    Female speakers are not the only one’s that inspire, male teen speakers can also make a huge difference regardless of the student population. It’s always best to take your student body demographics into account when hiring a speaker to speak at your school assemblies. Consider asking students to bring a list of speakers to the school’s event planner as teens know which speakers can relate to students. Whether female or male, invite a motivational speaker for youth to your school this year.

  3. Youth Motivational Speaker | New Mexico Public School Districts


    New Mexico Youth Motivational SpeakerAre you part of a public school district in New Mexico? If so, you should consider inviting Latino Youth Speaker Fabian Ramirez to speak to the students at your school. He recently visited Mesa Middle School in Las Cruces, NM and did a fantastic job. He addressed the parents one night at a community event held at the school. In fact, if your school or organization received grant money you may need to have a community component when using your funds. Fabian would be an excellent way in which to use those funds. His speech helps parents know how to relate to their kids.

    The day after the parent presentation, Fabian spoke to all students at Mesa Middle School. Shortly after his presentation, there was a buzz around campus in which students were inspired to treat each other with respect. Not only that but they were challenged to finish high school and continue on to college.

    New Mexico FFA

    Speaker | FFA NM

    Fabian also spoke at Maxwell Municipal Schools. The school was rural but the students were open to Fabian’s message about academic success and anti-bullying. The schools have their own FFA chapter in which Fabian brought up in his presentation. He was able to leave posters for every student who attended his motivational presentation. Student came up afterwards and thanked him for his encouraging words. Many left excited about learning, which is what every school event planners wants, for their students to be ready to learn and be their best.

  4. Back To School Assembly Rally

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    Drug Awareness Day Speaker - Fabian RamirezSo it’s the summer and you have plenty of time to relax and not have to think about school. However, in two months or less, schools across the country will be preparing for their own back-to-school activities.

    The best back-to-school idea we can suggest to you is to have a school assembly or rally. Here’s why. You want to start the school year off on a good start and with all students on the same page. When done right, schools get their staff fired up about returning to teach and a motivational youth speaker is brought in to address the students in a way that is inspiring for the student body and helpful for teachers to build off of what is said. Now, speakers tend to say the same things that Educators say, but they do more than just say important information, they connect with students and they can say the hard things students need to hear because they are neutral people.

    You’ll want to have a back-to-school theme in mind. Some school themes include: Anti-Bullying, Drop-out Prevention, Student Success, Drug Prevention (Red Ribbon Week) or just general motivational school assemblies to start the year off on the right foot. Students like to be involved so you can even have a back to school red shirt day where everyone wears a red shirt on the second day of school. Students enjoy wearing their new clothes on the first day of school but if you promote it on the first day, students will love it.

    Another idea is to have students find 3-4 people that they don’t know and sit with them during the school assembly. Students do better when they have friends at school so why not implement a way for students to make new friends right when school starts.

    If you need suggestions on how to get started with bringing in a speaker for a school assembly, please contact our office, we’d love to help.

  5. Funny Youth Communicator For Teens

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    Funny Youth Communicator For Teens

    Funny Youth Communicator

    Any time you are speaking to young people, you must keep in mind that they enjoy humor. One thing we know about teens is that they enjoy a good time and they love to have fun. Students look to make any assignment fun and interesting. So getting a serious point across to them is no different.

    I have been speaking to youth at school assemblies for awhile now and I know that before I speak to them about serious issues I look for ways to connect and what better way to connect than through laughter.

    Once I have students laughing and having a good time I know that I have their trust. Once I have their trust I transition my speech into the topic the school or conference hired me to speak on. I speak about school bullying, I give my personal stories on how I dealt with bullies in middle school. I also speak about drug and alcohol awareness, a lot of schools are required to have some kind of program every year and most districts celebrate drug-free during Red Ribbon Week every October.

    Another topic that is becoming alarming is dropout prevention. So many students are dropping out every year that some states don’t know what to do about it, it’s becoming an epidemic. There are now warning signs to look out for when a student starts high school that tells administrators who the at-risk students are in the school. Part of what I do is show them what it looks like when a person graduates high school and college. I even talk to teens about how I finished grad school as well.

    The idea is to tell them that the more they learn the more they will earn so I try to encourage students to make graduation something that is mandatory in their life. I tell youth to finish what you started in relation to school.

  6. At-Risk Student Outreach Programs

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    At-risk youth programsMost educators run away from at-risk students, I run to them.

    What are signs that a student is at-risk?

    Since most students are at school, doing an evaluation of the child’s performance would be a quick indication of a problem. Look to see if the student has ever been expelled from a school or relocated due to bad behavior. If they have been suspended and their grades are failing, these are warning signs that a student is at-risk.

    Have a conversation with the child. If he/she is verbally abusive or uses foul language without respect for adults then the child could be a teen at risk.

    Most students have a certain expectation of how they are to act outside of the home and when a student doesn’t care about performing well or getting in trouble at school, this is a red flag that there is a lack of discipline at home.

    Teachers can often sense a lack of motivation from the student early on in the school year. Another clue is to have a conversation with the parent, either one should be able to give you a rundown of their child. If the parent has no clue of what their child is doing academically, this is a good sign that there’s a disconnect between the parent and the teen.

    Studies show that students that miss a handful of days in the first two weeks of the school year will be so far behind that they may never catch up, thus making them at-risk for dropping out of high school.

    Parents and educators need to give students with these characteristics extra attention. Most students in this situation are here because someone in their life has not believed in them or their environment does not set them up for success.

    It’s important for all schools in America to have student outreach programs that target at-risk teens. I was an at-risk student and I know what it takes to overcome wanting to give up. Sometimes a student just needs to hear that they are important and that they don’t have to have all the answers, just enough to get them through school.

    High school students especially cannot see themselves past tenth grade. My job as a at-risk youth speaker is to communicate truth into the lives of students who want to quit. I challenge them to work not only for themselves but for generations to come. When they see the end result, they’ll go after it.

  7. Students with Positive Attitudes Perform Higher

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    students attitudeIf you are in education you know that students who have a positive outlook on life perform better in the classroom. This is not a secret yet so many teachers struggle with getting students to have good attitudes in class.

    There are numerous variables that tie into the behavior of a student.

    For one, there is no telling what happens in the home before a student is dropped off at school. So much about a student can be traced to the upbringing at home. If a student has a hard time getting along with parents and is constantly getting in trouble at home, more than likely they are going to act out in class and have a negative attitude. The same is true for students who have an unstable home life. This has been researched over the years and it’s true.  (more…)

  8. Speaking to Empower Youth

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    Children are faced with tough challenges in their daily lives, more than we can ever fathom. Reaching out and speaking to youth is extremely critical. The alarming rate of school violence is now on the rise. Bullying negatively impacts the lives of everyone involved, both the victim and abuser. Now is the time to step up and address these issues to kids in our communities to shape their lives for the better.

    Bullying affects children, in many cases they suffer from depression, drop out of school, and may commit suicide which is now being called Bullycide. Kids are afraid to speak up about the events as they fear for their lives. A study conducted by Oklahoma’s Department of Health in 2009 showed: 2 out of every 10 high school students felt so concerned with their personal safety they brought a weapon to school with them. Kids who are bullied aren’t the only ones who encounter life changing events. Recent news has brought about the consequences abusers face. (more…)

  9. Hispanic Youth Need Motivation

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    Hispanic student

    Hispanic student

    I speak the thousands of Hispanic students every year. The more I talk to them the more I realize that they need motivation. By the time I get in front of students I don’t know where they came from or where they have been. I see students who don’t have a clue as to what awaits them in high school and college if they go. I say if they go because about half of the teens I ask about college say that they don’t know if they will attend.

    I can understand because some are focused on graduating high school and college seems so far away to Hispanic students. Not all because there are some who have been raised in a way where not attending college was never an option, they’re going and it’s just a matter as to where they will attend.

    Don’t believe me, ask a Hispanic sophomore in High School about where they are going to attend college. You are going to get the deer in the headlights look. That is why I feel my job is to give teens a pep talk as to why it’s important to attend college. Since I went to college and finished grad school they get to see and hear from somebody who looks and talks like them. Somebody who grew up the way they grew up and made it through. I want to students to say, man if Fabian can do it then so can I. I feel like my life was created in order to motivate students to be the best students they can be and to accomplish what they didn’t think possible.

    With a little push and strong positive words, there is no telling where a Hispanic student can end up. This is why I will not stop motivating Hispanic youth to follow their dreams.

  10. Motivating Young Kids

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    Motivating Kids

    Motivating Kids

    After having the privilege being able to speak to boys and girls at elementary schools I realized something. After every speech I would have young kids come up to me and ask me for my autograph. I thought this was so sweet because you see these kids in the crowd and you don’t think they are listening but they do.

    I have thing little saying where I say, I know the answer, I know the answer. And I do a little dance and the kids just laugh because it’s funny. Well that is what they remember after I speak because it’s catchy. I learned that humor can be used to motivate young kids because they enjoy being entertained. To be honest, I enjoy entertaining kids. I like seeing them smile and walk away from an assembly feeling good about me and about them. (more…)