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Topic: School Bullying

  1. Bullying Speaker addresses East Texas Youth

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    Bullyproof school campus

    Don't be a bullydog

    On May 4, 2011, I was able to visit a couple schools in Kilgore, TX. I spoke to over 300 third graders at Chandler Elementary. One thing I learned from that experience is that school age students know what bullying is and how it makes others feel.

    Students in elementary school really care about others. I can see on their faces the hurt when I talk about being bullied at school. Some wanted to be on my side. They actually looked like they wanted to give me a hug.

    When I walked into the Kilgore Intermediate School hallway I saw a sign hanging that said, “Don’t be a bullydog”. I had to take a picture next to it because it was creative and it’s a constant reminder for students. The school has a process in place where they handle bullying situations in house. The school makes kids face each other and tell each other how the bullying behavior makes them feel.

    I’m glad I was able to speak to this age group because this is their last year for some to attend grade school. Next they will have to dodge middle school bullying which is one of the hardest times in my life. For some this is the worst time for bullying that they will have to endure. That’s why it’s important for schools to raise awareness of bullying. Bullying is abuse and the more we speak on the subject, the more aware students and parents will be on the subject. Many feel along when they are bullied and I feel my job is to let them know that I’m going to stand up for them wherever I can.

    I feel that I can be a voice for students who are not willing to stand up for themselves. I know what it feels like to be bullied and I don’t want others to feel the pain that I felt. I applaud Kilgore for being proactive in the way they handle bullying behavior.

    Thank you also to the state of Texas for adding laws on bullying which protect students and give parents a way out.

    Read the bullying speaker press release.

  2. Casey Heynes Bodyslams Bully at School

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    Casey Heynes, a 15 year old had enough. He was constantly getting bullied at school and he finally snapped and let his bully have it. Casey picked up his tormentor and bodyslammed him on the ground. All of this was caught on film and the video has now gone viral.

    Of course everyone who has ever been bullied sides with Casey for standing up for himself. But so many students around world do not stand up to bullies and constantly get harassed as school. School bullying is a growing problem in America and it’s time that we all help put a stop to it. Hire a school bullying speaker to talk to your students about how to change the culture of the school.

  3. Is school safe for students?

    Elementary school girl being bullied

    Elementary school girl being bullied

    To the parents of school aged children:

    Without a doubt, schools are a safe place and they offer your children a place to socialize with other students and school remains to be  a place where young leaders are nurtured to become leaders of tomorrow. With that said every school around the world deals with bullying.

    The truth is that students pick on each other at school and outside of school. There is no telling how a student is affected by their environment when they are away from school. There is a good chance that a school bully doesn’t get in trouble at home for hitting and making fun of siblings. Most parents take action when their child is misbehaving, but how many times have kids gotten away with hitting another person or calling somebody a bad name or used bad language.

    Parents need to know that students get bullied at school every day and that’s why it’s vital to have open discussions with their children. Parents keep in mind that getting picked on is embarrassing for the student and rarely do they start the conversation about it. Parents should ask their student if they have ever been bullied or if they are currently being bullied. If the answer is no, the next question to ask is if anybody in the class is a bully. Students love to talk about other students and this would be a good way to get information about other students. As a parent, you could be used to help stop other kids from being picked on by presenting the information you gather to school administrators.

    When parents drop off their students at school they assume that all is well with their child. Parents know their children better than anyone else so they should be the first to pick up on something being wrong. If a student doesn’t want to talk about their situation, give them a little space and try again at a later time.

    No matter what school a student attends, he/she should be able to be productive in a safe learning environment.

  4. Speaking at Youth Assemblies on School Bullying

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    Speaking at youth assemblies takes a special set of skills to connect with the youth of today.  Children are faced with an incredible amount of challenges, far more than we could ever imagine when we were kids.  The issues kids in our communities face the range from dealing with peer pressure to participate in criminal activity, bullying, drug abuse and dropping out of school.  A youth speaker can reach out to children to deliver some of the most important messages that will affect their lives for the better. 

    Often times, we adults are unable to connect with our kids.  Children view us as their parents, teachers and etc.  Kids need a speaker who is seen as a peer, not someone who is just lecturing them.  Youth speakers connect with kids by speaking to them in their language, using humor, and being genuine.

    school bullyingNow more than ever the issues children are facing are sky rocketing more than ever.   Middle school bullying has become a serious issue with in the school systems.   Both the bully and the victim face serious consequences which are irreversible.

    If you have watched the news lately more and more kids are committing suicide as result of being bullied.  Many students will even skip school just to avoid being harassed.  Victims may also suffer serous long-term effects such as dropping out of school, and abuse alcohol.  The victim is not the only person with something to lose.  The alleged bully may face prison time as state legislation is cracking down hard on bullying.  The alleged may be charged as an adult due to the crime. 

    Hosting a peer for speaking at youth assemblies will deliver an important message that reaches to our children.  A bullying speaker will deliver a powerful message that gets to the kids before a life altering event such as bullying occurs.

  5. Bullying Prevention Week in October | Unity Day

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    The first week in October every year is known as bullying prevention week in America and around the world. Communities and schools are teaming up to raise awareness about bullying. The National Center for Bullying Prevention organization is setting October 20, 2012 as a date in which schools can address bullying on campuses worldwide. It’s also being known as “Unity Day” and students are being asked to unite against bullying.

    Fabian Ramirez is a youth speaker that speaks to students about school bullying. He can bring an awareness to any middle or high school campus. Consider booking him at your next school assembly.
    There are different ways in which a person is bullied

    The most known behavior is school bullying. For one that is when students are the most vulnerable because they are away from their parents and even though they are with teachers and school administrators, they are too busy to keep an eye on every child. Research shows that teachers catch bullying activity 1 out of 25 times and this is because the average time for bullying is 37 seconds. Not only that but bullying is not daily like many people think, it’s 2-3 times a month.

    Another form of bullying that is becoming popular among teens is cyberbullying. Students are turning to the internet where there is almost no supervision and picking on other students through social media networks such as Facebook , Myspace and Twitter. It gets really difficult to stop cyber bullying because adults have to be friends with students in order to see their messages. A tip for students is to have them print out any vulgar text that they feel violate their human rights and show an adult.

    Text messaging is becoming a way in which students spread false rumors about another person. This is an indirect method of bullying but it is still a form of bullying.

    Many adults want to get the students in a room and try to resolve differences as if it is conflict. This doesn’t work because bullying is abuse, not conflict so that’s why this method tends to only progress the behavior.

    Laws in some states have been put in place to protect students from further bullying. A child can now attend schools outside of their school zone if the school district approves a parents request to do so.

    The best way to stop school bullies is to adopt a zero tolerance rule on campus and bring awareness to your school. Put a buddy system in place where students can look out for each other and report all bullies immediately before their behavior gets out of hand. Students become less of a target when students stay in groups of two or more when bullies are around.

    Also a student must have opportunities to anonymously tell a teacher when they are being bullied either through a letter or a counselor on site without being reprimanded.

    Middle and High Schools are encouraged to hire a youth speaker to act as a neutral person to address school bullying and tell students about the consequences that come with bullying. Contact a speaker today and book them during the month of October and do your part in preventing bullying.

  6. Using Karate Kid to Teach Kids About Bullying

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    Recently, I was able to speak to a group of kids about bullying. Since the new Karate Kid movie was released over the weekend I used the characters in the movie to explain bullying. The group was made up of school age kids from first grade to fifth grade.

    It was the first day of summer camp at the recreation center in Fort Worth, TX and the kids were fired up. Some of the kids were excited that I was there to speak to them and lay down the ground rules for the camp and staff. When it comes to young kids you never know if they fully understand the points that you are trying to get across.

    After the presentation I had a small child come up to me and ask me a question about bullying and ask why people get scared of bullies. He obviously asked in a way where he was scared that he would one day be bullied by a  kid. I told him not to worry but if somebody hits you and don’t like the way you are being treated, I told him to report it to an adult. He smiled and went about his business.

    I asked the children in attendence that day who saw the Karate Kid over the weekend about half of them did. This was good because in the movie, the character Dre was getting picked on by some Chinese kids, one in particular bullied him everywhere he went. Since bullying messes with a person’s psyche, Dre did some things that regular kids wouldn’t want to do, like learn kung fu. Turns out the reason why he wanted to learn was so that he can use it to defend himself against the school bullies in the movie.

    That day I told the children that in reality, Dre should’ve told his mom or an adult at school. In fact there was a scene where Dre was about to tell a school official but decided not to tell. When it comes to the safety of the children, adults must create an environment where children always feel safe. School is supposed to be a place where learning occurs and when that is not happening, there must be change.

  7. Middle School Bullying Speaker


    Middle school bullying is a problem in all school districts. The bullying issue has been effecting students for decades and many parents and students often do not know who to turn to when this occurs at school.

    What is middle school bullying?

    Bullying involves a power imbalance between a Bully and Victim. It can be a difference in Number, Size, Status, Role, Culture, Ethnicity. Victims will often feel inferior to the bully.

    What are characteristics of a school bully?

    The majority of school bullies have high self-esteem and could be the popular students on campus. One thing to note about bullies is that they are more likely to engage in other problem behaviors later in life, such as criminal activity or alcohol or other drug abuse and so it’s vital to stop bullies from acting this way in their early years.

    Why is it that bullying goes on so long?

    School bullying is hard for school administrators to catch. The average middle school bullying behavior lasts only 37 seconds. Teachers notice and intervene in only 1 out of 25 episodes and usually the people they catch are the victims after they react to the bullying. When students get picked on it occurs at least 2 – 3 times per month. It’s usually not every day but there are cases where some students get pushed around on a daily basis and they need to report it ASAP.

    How far should things go before school bullying behavior is addressed?

    Bullying behavior should be addressed before it interferes with the health, academics or learning process of a student.  Schools should adopt a zero tolerance stance, for example:  no name calling and keeping your hands to yourself. There needs to be consequences for breaking the rules related to bullying and they need to be harsh enough for students to abide by them.

    Peer Mediation is not Effective in Situations of Bullying

    The most important aspect to note is that bullying is not conflict, rather it is abuse. There is not a question of  “some right” and “some wrong” on both sides. The “playing field” or balance of power, is not level. Adults need to claim responsibility.  Source:  ©  The Olweus Bullying Prevention Group, 2001

    Here’s an interesting fact related to bullying: 71% of school shooters had been victims of  bullying. This is because bullying messes with a person’s psyche. So when your mind goes crazy it makes you do some crazy things and this is why victims reach a point where they take action into their own hands.

    Create a Buddy System

    A child who has friends are less of a target.  Ask children to look out for one another, sort of like holding hands before they cross the street. There is power in numbers and the more students that report bullying the least likely that bullies will continue picking on students. Encourage your kids to tell you, a teacher, or another adult when they’re having a problem. Counselors should be easy to access so students can talk to them when needed. There should also be a way to report bullying behavior without anyone knowing which student did so. This helps students come forward on their own.

    Bullying Stops With Me

    Why hire a school bullying speaker?

    A school bullying speaker is a neutral person that can bring a fresh awareness to all students on campus. The speaker can be direct and give students options they can take when they are being bullied at school.