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Budgeting For School Assembly Speaker Fees | Community Grants

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Can my school afford to pay for a youth motivational speaker? Yes.

It’s true, we’ve had a lot of schools call us without a budget and then we found that they were surrounded by resources to pay for a speaker to come and deliver a powerful message for their students.

When I speak, I touch on topics such as: mental health, youth suicide, bullycide & drug prevention. Many organizations receive community grants that can help pay for a speakers fee so they can come to their community and train students and adults. My approach is such as a training because students learn skills to help them cope with bullying and I teach students how to respond when they bullied on campus.

So contact our office and let’s start the discussion on planning your next event. Parent involvement is lacking in many schools, so let’s work together to improve that. I usually speak during the day to students and I ask them to invite their parents to come back later in the evening and then I speak at a parent night.

This format has been a home run and I know it’ll be a huge success for your school as well.