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Bullying Prevention Week in October | Unity Day

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The first week in October every year is known as bullying prevention week in America and around the world. Communities and schools are teaming up to raise awareness about bullying. The National Center for Bullying Prevention organization is setting October 20, 2012 as a date in which schools can address bullying on campuses worldwide. It’s also being known as “Unity Day” and students are being asked to unite against bullying.

Fabian Ramirez is a youth speaker that speaks to students about school bullying. He can bring an awareness to any middle or high school campus. Consider booking him at your next school assembly.
There are different ways in which a person is bullied

The most known behavior is school bullying. For one that is when students are the most vulnerable because they are away from their parents and even though they are with teachers and school administrators, they are too busy to keep an eye on every child. Research shows that teachers catch bullying activity 1 out of 25 times and this is because the average time for bullying is 37 seconds. Not only that but bullying is not daily like many people think, it’s 2-3 times a month.

Another form of bullying that is becoming popular among teens is cyberbullying. Students are turning to the internet where there is almost no supervision and picking on other students through social media networks such as Facebook , Myspace and Twitter. It gets really difficult to stop cyber bullying because adults have to be friends with students in order to see their messages. A tip for students is to have them print out any vulgar text that they feel violate their human rights and show an adult.

Text messaging is becoming a way in which students spread false rumors about another person. This is an indirect method of bullying but it is still a form of bullying.

Many adults want to get the students in a room and try to resolve differences as if it is conflict. This doesn’t work because bullying is abuse, not conflict so that’s why this method tends to only progress the behavior.

Laws in some states have been put in place to protect students from further bullying. A child can now attend schools outside of their school zone if the school district approves a parents request to do so.

The best way to stop school bullies is to adopt a zero tolerance rule on campus and bring awareness to your school. Put a buddy system in place where students can look out for each other and report all bullies immediately before their behavior gets out of hand. Students become less of a target when students stay in groups of two or more when bullies are around.

Also a student must have opportunities to anonymously tell a teacher when they are being bullied either through a letter or a counselor on site without being reprimanded.

Middle and High Schools are encouraged to hire a youth speaker to act as a neutral person to address school bullying and tell students about the consequences that come with bullying. Contact a speaker today and book them during the month of October and do your part in preventing bullying.