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Hispanic American Education

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There seems to be a lot of talk about Hispanic American education. Many programs are created every year to help boost or may I say increase the attendance of Hispanics in higher education. The truth is that schools are struggling to get students to get serious about academics let alone college. There is something that the school system has left out when it comes to education. The parents.

What happens is this, once the parents get educated, the kids get educated. This does not happen all the time but Hispanic parents can push their children to do more than they did. For example, if the parents only went junior high or high school then the children have a chance of finishing high school. If the parents finished high school then the children will most likely attend college. This happens because the more education that you have, the more that you appreciate what it can do for the family.

Hispanic education is America has a side effect though. See for children of strong Hispanic parents, it’s hard for them to leave home and go away to school. Most feel that its a bad thing to move away from the family in order to pursue a life that includes higher education. For this reason, many Hispanics end up attending junior college and staying close to home after high school. Not only that but parents who have not gone through school will most likely not save up money so their children can afford college. In fact the complete opposite occurs. Parents spend the money on the home and on vehicles, basically anything tangible. Investing is almost non-existent in most Hispanic families, especially those of a Mexican background. This is not to say that its bad, they just have a different way of using their finances.

This is why its important for schools to invest in their Hispanic students because there is no telling which ones are getting the support from home, financially and academically. Some Hispanics are going to work their way through college and graduate school. So make sure to motivate the students by hiring a youth speaker who has been down the road of education and know what it takes to do the hard work but reap the benefits of having a bachelors and a masters degree. Hispanics need to catch a vision about education from others Hispanics because culture speaks for itself.