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Hispanic Community College Enrollment

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Hispanic Female StudentHispanics are starting to enroll into their local community colleges after they graduate high school. The numbers are starting to go up and this is a good thing. There is still so much to keep in mind when it comes to Latinos attending college.

Starting college is not the real problem, it’s finishing with a college degree. More and more Hispanics are starting at the community college level but few attend full-time for various reason.

Hispanic Community College

Why is the community college so appealing to Hispanics?

1. There are many reasons. For one, it’s the most affordable way to attend school. Some Hispanics choose to work and attend classes while others have no choice but to work while they take college courses. Older adults will be seen attending night classes while recent high school grads attend classes in the mornings and during the day.

2. Most community colleges are close to home. Since Hispanics out of high school are not yet working full-time they save money by staying at home. Not only that but families are culturally close, in other words its hard for Hispanic students to move away from home. This is a reason so many stay at home well into their early thirties.

3. Community colleges are easy to get into. You do not have to apply to most community colleges. This is great because then students can use their time at the community college level as a stepping stone for when they transfer to the University. Many colleges will help students take courses that they know will transfer to the University of their choice.

There are many more reasons why Hispanic enrollment in Community Colleges is on the rise but it’s the completion of degrees that we need to be working on. Student retention is a big problem in the Hispanic community, we deal with it at the high school level and even more at the college level.

If Hispanics would support each other while they are in school, they would have a greater chance of finishing. It’s discouraging to be the only Hispanic in some of these classes and when one goes home, nobody in the family understands what they are going through academically so they are on their own.

Author of this post: Fabian Ramirez is a Hispanic motivational speaker from Dallas, TX. Fabian started his education at the junior college level and so he gives great insight which will help with student retention at schools everywhere.