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The following Red Ribbon Week logos can be saved and used on your activity sheets or letters to parents, powerpoint presentations, websites. Please DO NOT use logos to make tshirts or put on any product that can be sold. In fact, Red Ribbon Week Shirts can be bought from the zazzle.com/redribbonweek store.

Click Here to Download Red Ribbon week logos (1 MB Zip file)

Right click any of the logos below and select “save target as” to save images to your computer.

Red Ribbon Week Logo

Formats: JPEG | PNG

Red Ribbon Week Drug Prevention Logo

Formats: JPEG | PNG

Drug Prevention Week Logo

Formats: JPG | PNG

Please let us know if you are needing special permission to use these logos outside of normal school activities by contacting us.

Keep in mind that Fabian Ramirez is a highly sought after drug prevention speaker for schools during Red Ribbon Week. Contact us today to see if Fabian has dates available to speak at your next school assembly.

Click here to purchase Fabian’s Red Ribbon Week video based curriculum

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