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Speaking to Latino Students About Drug Abuse and Prevention

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When you need to talk to students about drug abuse and drug abuse prevention, it always helps to get the message across if you let someone they can easily relate to talk to them about this.

When it comes to speaking to Latino students about this particular problem, having someone they can easily relate to, like a Latino youth speaker or a peer councilor of the same ethnicity, can greatly help you. This may be because of the fact that youth of different ethnicities have different ways of expressing themselves and of absorbing information that they get. Getting someone they can easily relate to and someone who can talk to them in their “language” can make your message come across more effectively.

It is important for you to understand that when you are thinking of speaking to Latino students about drugs and drug abuse prevention, you will need to get someone that can easily answer the many questions that may pop up regarding these issues. Aside from getting a Latino youth speaker or peer councilor to talk to these youngsters about the dangers of drug abuse and where they can find help, you might also want to consider getting a Hispanic law enforcement officer or a Latino DEA officer to talk to these kids about these issues.

Speaking to Latino students about these problems that can be found in a lot of schools all across the U.S. with the use of people that they can easily relate to is a good idea since this will give them a chance to ask questions they might find easier to ask in their own language. Efforts that you make in this regard can greatly help students from this ethnicity understand that people from all walks of life do suffer from drug related problems and that people from their community and minority are there to help them deal with teen issues.